Orange, Apple & Mango

Orange, Apple & Mango

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Packed full of healthy, organic vitamins.

  • Low in natural sugars (no sugar is added) 
  • Sustainably sourced produce
  • Zero plastic packaging
  • Supports little gardeners
  • Vegan

3c from every bottle is donated to support edible education programmes in schools.

We’ve used the best sun-ripened, organic Colombian mangoes in balance with the acidity of organic oranges, and the crispness of Hawkes Bay-grown organic apples to make this winning combo juice.

You’ll be pleased to know that the contents of these bright blue bottles are as good for you as they look - because mangoes are a great source of vitamins A & C as well as potassium and magnesium - all good things to keep you glowing.

Only natural sugars, and not too many of them (8.3g/100ml - approx. 15-25% less sugar than other similar flavour combination juices on the market).

Each box contains 12 x 300ml bottles of BioGro Certified Organic Juice.