Lemon Sparkling Water 24 x 330ml

Lemon Sparkling Water 24 x 330ml

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Almighty’s Lemon Sparkling Water uses only natural lemon flavour. It’s a familiar combination, lemon and water know each other well, Almighty’s Lemon Sparkling Water has the perfect flavour balance of zesty peel and fleshy citrus fruit.

Light and refreshing, and less than 3 calories per can. It's perfect with meals or as a quencher.

24x Lemon Sparkling Water Cans

  • Sugar free
  • Zero plastic packaging
  • Supports little gardeners
  • Vegan

10% of profits help to teach kids about growing, cooking, and eating their own healthy fruits and vegetables in hands-on lessons in school gardens.

24 x 330ml cans of Sparkling Water.

  • Sugar free
  • No sweetener
  • Only natural flavours

All Almighty sparkling water is activated charcoal filtered for purity.