Almighty Rec Club is a space for movement and connection where all are welcome. We will be teaming up with talented people to help create an activity for everyone to enjoy. It’s about community and feeling good. It’s not about how fast you are, or how strong you are, we just want you to turn up and move your body, meet someone new, and get refreshed with an ice-cold Almighty.

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The Jog Squad Season 3

The HIIT Squad of Christchurch gives you another season of The Jog Squad! A run club fit everyone, they meet every Tuesday at 5:30PM. All are welcome as many or as little times as you'd like to go. All they ask is that you show up, have some fun, and get active.

Follow them here to find out when you can get your hands on some chilled Almighty after a group run with them.

Personal Best

Personal Best is Wellington's newest community run club. Perfect for people of all running types, this friendly group encourages you to show up, meet new people, get moving, and have fun! Not to mention you get to finish each session with an ice-cold can of Almighty.

With weekly meet ups and special weekend adventures, make sure to follow Personal Best here to see what they have on.

Road Runner Thursdays with Fitness All Together

Have a bucket-list dream of running in the Auckland Marathon but not sure where to start? Fitness All Together has got you! Their newest programme, Road Runner Thursdays, are fortnightly sessions focusing on strength & conditioning all around preparing for the Auckland Marathon. Whatever distance you're planning to run, the team is there to give you extra guidance on how to accomplish this goal. Plus you get to finish the evening with an Almighty...doesn't get much better.

Come along to the FREE sessions fortnightly on Thursdays and sign up for the online training programme to get you race day ready.

Almighty Rec Club

We team up with lululemon and headed down south to host our 1st A.R.C run event in Christchurch. It was an awesome opportunity to connect with our community down there and get moving together.

Big shout-out to Lee Richardson for the poster design.

You can keep Lee's work out here.

Almighty Rec Club

Dust ‘em off, put ‘em on! Come join us for a 5km slog followed by an Almighty or a hot cup of joe from our mates Coffee Supreme on Saturday 21st May 9am.

Poster by Carly Black

See more of her amazing work here.

Almighty Rec Club

We’re back baby! And in person! Dust off your sneakers and clear your calendar, we’re getting active at our place. If a 5km run followed by a cold Almighty sounds like a bit of you, mosey on down and join in. Bring yourself, your mate, your mum, your canine friend, anyone and everyone is welcome.

Almighty Rec Club

Join us (virtually) for a 5km run by tagging us and #AlmightyRec in your post-run pic and be in to win a six-pack of Almighty, we’ll be giving one away each day Wednesday-Sunday and a big prize pack at the end. More details on social.

Poster by Josh Mutsch, see more epic works here, DOA.

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