Almighty Passion People, Kate Mitchell

We caught up with some local passion-filled Almighty people to learn more about what they do and what makes them so passionate about it. This is Kate. She’s a crazy talented glass-blower so we stopped by the studio she works at to see her space and have a chat.

Tell us a little about what you do?

I am a studio based glassblower working with a team of other glass artists. For the studio, we produce lighting and other art pieces as well as producing our own individual works.

When did you start blowing glass and what made you want to?

I was offered a position in the glass blowing team while I was working for a glass studio roughly 3 years ago. Learning glass blowing in NZ is very difficult as there are very few glass institutions that still teach it so it was an amazing opportunity to learn a new skill. I was drawn to the immediate and challenging nature of the craft and I love colour.

What makes you passionate about it?

Glass blowing his high-intensity art-making. You can win or lose at any moment of the making process. It is a mental competition and a process I love.

What’s the toughest part about your passion?

The endurance glass blowing requires is the toughest part. The endurance to withstand high temperatures and the huge amount of time it takes to learn and refine your skills are some of the more challenging aspects of being a glassblower.

Anything exciting on the horizon?

I am working on some new cast glass pieces. I am excited to balance the intensity of the glass blowing with the slower process of cast glass pieces.

How do you feel about our new passionfruit sparkling water?

Passionfruit is my favourite fruit, and I couldn't think of a better drink after a hot day in the studio!

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