What's on in our community.

There’s a lot on, and we love it. Sharing where we are with our community is super important. Check-in here to see some of the events that we have coming up or that we're looking forward to. Get involved and come along, see how Almighty is a part of it. Have a look at our event story highlight on IG for what's on for us week by week.

What's on.

Artists on Artists

Artists on Artists is a group portrait exhibition where each artist is the subject of another artist’s work. Like links in a chain, follow the artworks around the exhibition to see how each artist has painted, photographed and created work of another artist.

Featuring established and emerging artists from Aotearoa New Zealand, including:

Ritchie Adamson, Pam Brabants, Samson Dell, Kiran Morar, Delilah Te Aōrere Pārore Southon, Kieran Lowe, Vanessa Green, Hugo Van Dorsser, Billy McQueen, Belinda Griffiths, Marcel Kalma, Lindsey Horne, Clark Roworth and Jessica Gurnsey. Please join us at one or both of the opening night celebrations and for the range of different events we’ll be hosting as part of the exhibition.

11 May – 8 June

Opening night 10 May at 5.30pm


Run For The Hills

A monthly trail run with Personal Best and Coffee Outdoors. Give the pavement a rest and breathe in some of that good air in the bush.

Run For The Hills #05

Field Trip

Personal Best & Coffee Outdoors are taking our next run for the hills on the road. In Partnership with Norda & Ciele Athletics, your Poneke running gang are taking an outing to the Escarpment Track on the Kapiti coast. We're filling a bus, packing the drinks and pastries, and going on a field trip.

Chosen Family Night

Chosen family are the people who understand you, lift you up, celebrate you, help you, and love you, without the need for biological bonds. This event is an invitation to come together, find joy and celebrate the family you’ve made with people you have found.  

Performances by Tīwhanawhana Trust & The Glamaphones, drag life drawing, art tours, talks, DJ's and more.

Sat 17 June, 5pm-9pm|Donation appreciated | City Gallery Wellington Te Whare Toi

Event info here.