What’s on in our


What’s on

There’s a lot on, and we love it. Check-in here to see some of the events we’re looking forward to and have a look at our event story highlight on IG for what's on for us week by week. If we’ve posted it you can probably expect to find some Almighty there.

What's on

The Single Fin Mingle

It’s official, Mingle number 8 has risen and is ready to rock, roll and rollick from May 12-15th and we'll be there to keep you hydrated and nourished!

"Pack your bags, book your tickets, the boarders are open and we’re inviting all ya’ll to come on down for the best weekend of the year in our vibrant little village of Sumner, Christchurch, NZ. So much goodness on the way including competitor invites, band & artist line ups and much more that will get you fired up for our magical May Mingle, Stay tuned!" Learn more

Almighty Rec Club AKL

Dust ‘em off, put ‘em on! Come join us for a 5km slog followed by an Almighty or a hot cup of joe from our mates at Coffee Supreme on Saturday the 21st of May at 9am. Whether you’re in the mood to boost it or you just want to take it slow, we’ve got you. 

Bring your friend, your dog, your mum, your partner, your boss. All are welcome and we can’t wait to hang. 

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