Our Story

Conscious, clean, delicious drinks made by nature for those with a thirst for life.

The Mission

Behind the team

Ben Lenart

Ben started Wellington cafe Milk Crate before he switched trades and started juicing with some friends. He is the boss man at Almighty. Ben is pretty partial to an occasional trail run, a buttery croissant and a young chardy from Black Estate.

Tom Offenberger

This is Tom. With quite the wingspan, Tom flies into sales chats with a very chirpy disposition. With a wicked wit, a very sharp palette and a taste for wild banter, our Tom is an absolute charm.

Hannah Rolands

This is Han. If you order Almighty, you can bet your bottom dollar that Han will send it to you ASAP. And if it ends up somewhere else, you can be sure that Han has got you sorted.A lover of hummus and disco she's always bringing the good vibes and the best work outfits, Han is an absolute gem.

Sophia Doak

This is Soph. If she’s not parked up with a tasty spritz at some hot new bar, she’s at the beach getting some hot content or just getting some rays. And somewhere in between, she’s doing marketing for Almighty. Soph is always bringing good energy and ALWAYS up for a chat. She is an absolute treat.

Lorenzo Meech

Libby Bramwell

Where to find us