Almighty Passion People, Kevin Pichot

If you don’t recognise this handsome French face, you probably haven’t been to a sweat sesh at everyone's favourite outdoor movement community - Fitness All Together. Kev took over FAT in 2021 and his passion for it really inspires us, so we had a chat about it.

Tell us a little about what you do?

This is the story of a Frenchman who arrived in Auckland in July 2014, passionate about fitness and excited to start a new life, explore the world despite not being able to speak English. A lot of things have happened since the first day I landed in New Zealand but I ended up loving it so much that I decided to build a life here. I am now the proud owner of Fitness All Together, an outdoor movement community based in Auckland on a mission to inspire as many people as possible to stay active and have fun doing it.

**When did you take over Fitness All Together and what made you want to?**

**Where does your passion come from?**

**What’s the toughest part about your passion?**

**What’s the most challenging move in FAT? Burpees?**

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