#AlmightyPeople Connor Adams of Grave Runners

What is the idea behind Grave Runners?

Grave Runners is a running initiative, digital motivator & digital community.

It is also a collective of like-minded individuals seeking mental clarity post-exercise. We are challenging one to prioritise their fitness, mental health and wellbeing. The aim is to encourage people to show up to our events and even not run, just hang out and meet someone new, have a conversation, break the isolation. It’s all about inclusivity, we don’t discriminate!

Grave Runners is keeping people accountable, ourselves included.

Three main values of Grave Runners?

“Clarity Amongst The Chaos”

Any Time / Any Pace / It’s not a Race

Mental Gains > Physical Gains

No need to explain.

Who is Grave Runners for?

Fundamentally, it's a space provided to either start your running journey or further your running capabilities.

Originally we were just trying to get the dirtbags off the couch, as we felt we could relate to them. But like anything, the more you practice the better you become, so we have progressed a lot since that initial thought. We have evolved along with the rest of our community.

We are competing against ourselves, to be better versions of ourselves, there's no finish line.

What about running do you find helps your mental health?

It gives me the tools to be mentally equipped for whatever curveballs life can throw at you, which seems relevant during times like these. It helps give me the ability to overcome any obstacles I might face and allow me to consciously gather my thoughts, instead of being reactive.

Rather than running with a specific goal in mind (like training for a marathon), it's about creating habitual change, balance and consistency in your daily routine. I manifest some of my best ideas whilst out running, this sensation can start to become quite addictive.

I would encourage anyone who is seeking mental clarity or dealing with a pain point in their life to try and take up running or any other form of exercise that generates a similar sense of release. It doesn't fix anything but certainly is a helpful coping mechanism.

It's easy to feel unmotivated at the moment, how should we motivate ourselves to stay active?

Follow Grave Runners! We’ve been running a “Digital Relay” since we initially started this movement. Our digital community plays a pivotal role during lockdowns, helping motivate each other and allowing us to feel less isolated. Staying connected even if it's just digitally is crucial right now.

Sometimes putting on your running gear can be the hardest part so having the motivation can be extremely beneficial. We aren’t sharing our runs to showcase how fast we ran, we are doing it to help inspire others. Getting your body moving can do wonders for your mental health. Everyone is affected by these lockdowns differently - “Some thrive & some struggle to survive.”

Pass the virtual baton! @graverunners

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