#AlmightyPeople - Natalie Guest

We wanted to celebrate our friendship with the lovely Natalie Guest for this month’s Almighty People. Nat works for Coffee Supreme who have been a big sibling brand for Almighty for years.

For those who don’t know, Almighty shared an office space with the Coffee Supreme Auckland team for many years. However, we have recently moved, and it’s really made us realise how great our Almighty People are.

After all, people do say coffee and sparkling water are a classic pair.

Nat has great food, life, and wellness knowledge, and we wanted to share a few words. So enough from us, let’s have Nat do the sharing.

Hi Nat, are you able to tell us a bit about yourself? What is your role at Coffee Supreme? Hi! I'm Nat, I live in Tāmaki Makaurau. I'm Mum to 15-year-old Iris and partner to the wonderful Bridget. For work, I’m the NZ wholesale manager at Coffee Supreme. I’ve worn a few hat’s over the past 10 years with Supreme. In this role I assist our wholesale-facing teams with supporting our customers and to help you drink amazing coffee at all Coffee Supreme-supplied cafes.

What’s a highlight about working in the industry that you do? For me, the people in our industry are the true highlight. By nature, the people we work with, customers and staff alike, are hospitable, caring, creative and interesting. It's pretty special when you make genuine friendships all while doing your day job. I count my lucky stars!

How do you find empowerment in your role? Do you have any advice for younger women looking to enter this field? I've been very fortunate at Coffee Supreme to have leaders and mentors who encouraged me to think outside the box, encouraged new ideas and backed me, even when I got it wrong. Someone told me years ago the old saying "Ask for forgiveness rather than permission" and I kind of just started rolling with that. For me, this is all about trusting my experience and intuition to make the right calls and build my confidence. If you have confidence in yourself, naturally others will too. My advice for others looking to work for a coffee roaster would be to chat to either your coffee rep or email the roasters you admire and ask to meet for a coffee - we love that kind of thing.

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