#AlmightyPeople Prak Sritharan

We have a chat with one half of the lovely Kaukau and long term friend of Almighty, Prak Sritharan.

“Embracing contemporary art and design by forming a visual narrative that ebbs and flows” you’ll find the beautiful gallery and store ‘Kaukau’ on Wellington’s Ghuznee Street. Run by Prak and his partner Nadya, Kaukau opened its doors in early 2021 to reveal a thoughtfully curated retail space dedicated to art and design with a focus on showcasing and supporting local makers. Prak has been a friend of Almighty from the beginning, so we’re excited for you to get to know a bit more about this local legend.

Ghuznee Street has a really strong community feel, what do you think creates community?

"My motivation comes from fully realising the fact there's more to life than just working"

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