Why cans?

Why did we decide to make our organic juices in cans? Because we can.

And because we love cans, as you can see from our sparkling water range. Making drinks that don’t trash the environment is at the heart of Almighty, and how we package our drinks is a big part of that.

Aluminium cans are most often recycled again and again…and again in a truly circular, closed-loop recycling process. This is because reprocessing does not damage their structure and they can therefore be recycled infinitely to make new cans. Around about 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in circulation, cool right? Aluminium cans also have a higher recycling rate than other package types, they’re actually the most recycled beverage container in the world. That’s also thanks to you throwing them in the recycling bin 24/7.

To drop some fancy lingo on you, the cubic efficiency of aluminium cans in transport and storage is unmatched. To put it simply, we can fit a heap of cans into any one space and they aren’t as heavy as other beverage containers. This is pretty beneficial when it comes to reducing the environmental impact of transporting beverages.

The next can you drink from could come back years down the track and hold another fizzy drink for you, just think about that.

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