Passionfruit Sparkling Water 24 x 330ml

Passionfruit Sparkling Water 24 x 330ml

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Wanna pash?

Tropical bliss is just a sip away with our latest purple number. Enjoy the summer filled taste of sun-ripened passionfruit from your first whiff to your last sip. A sweet-but-also-tart flavour that's full of fizz, it’s a classic we know you’ll love.

24x Passionfruit Sparkling Water Cans

  • Sugar free
  • Zero plastic packaging
  • Supports little gardeners
  • Vegan

10% of profits help to teach kids about growing, cooking, and eating their own healthy fruits and vegetables in hands-on lessons in school gardens.

24 x 330ml cans of Sparkling Water.

  • Sugar free
  • No sweetener
  • Charcoal filtered sparkling water
  • Only natural flavours (passionfruit)

All Almighty sparkling water is activated charcoal filtered for purity.